RabbitCraft In-game Rules

Please make sure you are aware and understand the following rules, they are there to keep you and your fellow players protected and the community strong.

1. Have fun! Drama is not fun, hurts peoples feeling and causes stress. This is a stress free place to play and people causing drama will be contacted privately and given sanctions in line with our warning rules.
2. No swearing, political, religious, or other controversial topics in the in-game chat. The use of racial slurs, challenging terminology like retard or cancer will result in you receiving a warning or if within the first two weeks being kicked and banned.
3. Don’t spam! If someone asks you to stop then please stop.
4. No griefing which means destroying a build or plot that is not yours without the owners permission.
5. No stealing. We look harshly upon this. If the community is unable to resolve any accusations of stealing then MOD’s will step in and check the back data and then issue a sanction based upon our Warning rules.
6. Consensual PvP only.
7. Do not build too close to another player’s plot.
8. Keep criticism constructive and positive unless asked for.
9. Please don’t share any personal identifying information or forms of contact.
10. Community projects should be voted for as a group. Please use the planning channel and Poll channels for this.
11. Before starting a build, check the #plot-claims channel to confirm if someone has already claimed that area.
12. The use of cheats, or hacks will NOT be permitted. Everyone should have a fair and level playing field. If you are caught cheating or using hacks you will be immediately ejected from the server and discord.
13: Wither’s can only be summoned in the Wither Arena, OR in the Overworld 1000 or more blocks from anyone’s base. When Summoning the Wither please announce in chat you are doing so.

Sanctions for misconduct 

If you are within the first 2 weeks of your time on the server then the sanctions will be far more severe should you break any of the rules.

A reminder of our sanctions and policy to deter negative behaviour:


The player will receive a voice/message warning, this could involve coaching or supporting the player.

3-day Ban:

This will be after a further discussion with the player to see if any support or direction is needed first.
1-week Ban: Should poor behaviour continue then an extension of the first ban will occur.

1-month Ban:

This will be in discussion with all the mods prior to the ban and then the sanction imposed after contact with the player.

Permanent Ban:

This is a last resort and will be treated as such, all of the mods must be in agreement and contact with the player must be established first before this decision is made. Severe or repeat violations for the same act will likely result in a ban.

If you are caught cheating or stealing it can result in an immediate ban. We use Diamonds as an in-game currency. This is primarily used to pay for items for sale in shops at the SD and for paying for services rendered. If you do not pay for items that you take you will be asked to pay for them (We do random checks) if you are unable to it will be classed as stealing and you could face the sanctions below.

Rules for Shopping District plots are separate please ensure you are aware of these before embarking on your retail adventure, they are available in Discord.

If you break any of these rules in the first week of embarking on the server you will be kicked and banned from the RabbitCraft Network.

RabbitCraft Discord Rules

These rules set community standards, we want to have a fun and positive community! Be respectful of other members and have a good time!

1) Please do not spam CAPS, emotes, and messages.
2) No swearing, rude behaviour, sexism, racism, politics, religion.
3) Do not abuse the @ and private messaging features. You only need to tag someone once.
4) Be respectful to the mods they are here to help the community, and resolve Issues as fairly as possible.
5) Only post constructive criticism of another person’s build and only if they ask for it. We are not here to tear other people down! We want people to be proud of their builds!
8) Only promotion of personal creations/social media/etc are allowed in #🎥-your-uploads.
9) No links to other discord or Minecraft servers are allowed in any channel. There are other discord servers and subreddits for that.
10) Posting pictures and videos in channels are okay as long as they’re family friendly and in moderation.
11) Be smart with your personal information! Avoid personal topics and DO NOT solicit or share personal information.
12. Share the love and have fun! If you experience abuse please contact the Mods

Important: Please bare in mind we have minors/under 18’s in Discord. They must have permission from their parents to connect are should be supervised at all times by their parents. The Junior channels are not visible to our adult members, you are asked not to interact with them or any junior members in any way.