What is RabbitCraft?

We are a group of Minecraft players that met on the Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server of a semi-famous YouTube video producer. We found that we were all a little older than your usual Minecraft player and we quickly became a tight group of friends.

After a little while, we decided to make our own SMP Server and called it RabbitCraft. Over time we grew through word of mouth, primarily because our community was so supportive to be a part of. The community became our modus operandi and we made sure that every member had a vote on any change we wanted to put in place but also they could post a vote for anything they wanted to put in place e.g. addons or game modes. We did all of this through our Discord (Voice Communication) server.

We allowed our members to be a huge part of what we are as an entity and they have created what we are today. We have community-led and run events, activities, a huge shopping district and seasonal towns and a gaming district where you can spend all your hard mined Diamonds.

Now we have expanded further with a SkyBlock server, our RabbitCraft SMP, a Junior SMP and finally WildFire which is a fully customisable server player, companies, groups and friends can rent for an exceptionally minimal cost.

The future looks fantastic for our players and further expansion, join us and be a part of something amazing!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game, meaning that players can do whatever they like and in-game content is primarily pushed by the user imagination. It involves growing, harvesting, chopping and mining blocks and using them to create anything they like in a dynamic game world.

There are many game types however the primary game types played are Survival and Creative. They can be played immediately as a single player or on servers with thousands of other players called multiplayer.

In just a few years, Minecraft has become the world’s most popular game, mainly by word of mouth and despite the lack of a big marketing budget. Minecraft has also moved into the global business for team building, groups for activities and in the classroom, as teachers increasingly find ways to use the game for educational purposes.

The game is available on multiple platforms. You can play on a computer, smartphone, tablet, Pi, *Xbox, Nintendo or *Playstation. It is growing in popularity day by day, especially among primary-aged children.

We refer to these Minecraft versions as

Bedrock – PC, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation Playstation

PE/Bedrock – Tablet and Smartphone

Java – PC Only

You do need to be aware of what version of the game you are playing because that affects what and how you can play online.

*However online play is not as readily available or customisable on Xbox and PS.

“Family friendly” servers

What does that mean?

“Family-friendly” is term used often in the Minecraft community. The game is after all for young people you expect the game to have certain levels of security and moderation, on a single player world for example players can play to their heart’s content safely and securely.

Online however, some people take advantage of players young and old. They have many in-game terms like hackers, griefers, item thieves and many more. There are also those who have a much more nefarious agenda, grooming, violent extremism, abuse and others, you never know who you are talking to nor their agenda.

Many servers just accept anyone for bolstering player numbers so you never know who you or you child are playing with. That in our opinion is not family-friendly.

What we think should be the bare minimum of protection?
We believe Minecraft servers should have “at least” the following.

A server whitelist to protect against unwanted hackers and griefers.

A community Discord where people can see and understand the in-game conduct rules.

Active Moderators

Some sort of system where incidents can be rolled back to a previous time.

We think this is the bare minimum to play “relatively” safely.

What we think should be the bare minimum of protection?

We believe Minecraft servers should have “at least” the following safeguards.

A server whitelist to protect against unwanted hackers and griefers.

A community Discord where people can see and understand the in-game conduct rules.

Active Moderators

Some sort of system where incidents can be rolled back to a previous time.

We think this is the bare minimum to play “relatively” safely

What we offer:

We pride ourselves on offering a “safe space” to play and enjoy the online gaming experience Minecraft has to offer because quite frankly it is mind-blowing.

For example, on our Junior RabbitCraft server, we offer the parent and the player many different safeguards to protect their child whilst they are enjoying Minecraft, these are:

A signup process – See our Junior RabbitCraft Signup page

A Junior code of conduct – contacting parents and players alike should they be broken. See this link: Junior code of conduct

Server Whitelisting

Full server security including DDOS protection and back end hacking prevention

In-game and server panel Moderation by *DBS checked (or residential country equivalent) Moderators.

Routinely reviewed in-game chat logs (including private messages) – Live and Historic

A child safeguarding lead and moderator Incident Reporting tools

Safeguarding trained staff

Help when a player is stuck or needs support or advice, in-game instructions and markers to help them find where they need to go.

We have prebuilt a world where they can play, or if they are confident enough go out and adventure on their own.

We think you’ll agree these services go above and beyond the norm and this is also similar to how we run our adult player servers too.

*DBS – Data Barring Service – This is a criminal records bureau check to allow them to work with vulnerable adults and children. We also use international and regional checks for moderators in different countries like the USA and Europe.

Our servers and game modes

We have 5 servers at the moment, they run our Lobby, RabbitCraft SMP, Junior SMP, SkyBlock and WildFire. All of these servers have whitelisting, in-game moderation and console-based moderation.

Our Moderators have a very clear code of conduct and will get involved in a dispute when all other avenues have been explored. However, on the Junior Server, it is very different with full moderation, support and console monitoring. This is for the safety of all players young and old and is part of what makes RabbitCraft such a different and safe space to play in.

All about community

Our community is what defines us and makes us very different from most other servers. Our over 16 players are a democratic group and vote/poll on almost all changes and ways we can progress together. As mentioned before this is incredibly important to us and with the additions of our codes of conduct, voice communications, anti-griefing rules and the banning/detection of any hacking/x-raying programs that give an unfair advantage you can be assured you will keep coming back to us as your favourite online Minecraft server.

Whether you’re part of a school club, gaming group, worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time together, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often.

Junior RabbitCraft – Under 16’s

Junior RabbitCraft is an exciting new server for our under 16 players. Not only do we offer this server in SMP mode but there is a prebuilt town players can enjoy, live in and player with others of a similar age. Or if you are an experienced player or your child is confident enough you can also venture out on your own to build your own base, survive and even adventure into the nether or the End.

In order to join the server you will need to click the “join now” button below. This will open another tab and contain a form which will need to be completed. This includes the details of someone who is over 18 and will be supervising you whilst you are playing. They will also be the main point of contact should there be any problems during your playtime.

We ask for this information so that should there be any incidents on the Junior server we are able to contact them and explain what has happened. We pride ourselves on your safety and with this in mind you should be supervised by an adult whilst you are playing.

Once completed the form will be reviewed and checked by a Moderator and then you’re in-game name will be whitelisted and an email reply sent to you and your parents/guardians email address supplied. That email will contain the IP address you will need to use to connect to the server. For Bedrock players, the information will be slightly different but will still be contained in the email we send you.

Adults 16+ Only

RabbitCraft SMP/SkyBlock Sign Up

Signing up to our +16 plus only servers could not be easier. Fill in the form by clicking the Join Button and once we have checked the information we will send you a Discord invite to join our RabbitCraft Discord channels. Once there we will whitelist you and meet you in-game with a gift and either give you a tour of the Lobby and SMP/Skyblock servers or pass you a link that you can watch that will do the same. You don’t have to have a Microphone but it makes it a lot easier to ask any questions you may have.

RabbitCraft – WildFire

What is Wildfire?

Wildfire is the exciting new addition to the RabbitCraft family of servers. It is directed at groups and organisations such as corporate organisations, Cubs, Scouts & Guides, or perhaps even a group of friends wanting to take part in their next big adventure!

The Wildfire server is cross-platform and will therefore allow Bedrock and Java players to sign in and enjoy the adventure! This provides you with a much wider depth of accessibility. Groups from around the world are able to book a session on our dedicated secure server, taking part in one of our exciting challenges or even just a session of building with friends!

By booking through this website you’ll be able to secure a session for server access, we’ll supply the basic tools and resources you’ll need during the challenge/event, not to mention some instructions to get you started.

Pre-built Challenges
Capture the flag
Caves of doom
Pirates of the Deep
The Temple challenge
Beat the Bastion!
The Ocean Ruin
The Build off

Each of the 7 challenges will give your group an exciting adventure to complete and hopefully somewhat challenging!

Full Moderator support
We will provide you with a game Moderator who will be monitoring your session via the servers console and If you require assistance they will be more than happy to help, however all of the activities server challenges will have clear explanations provided.

The cost of hiring the server is simple…   there’s a flat rate of £1/1e/$1 per participant, therefore allowing you total flexibility in size of group and the costings only impact you in comparison to the number of players you bring into the game.

Other game modes
We are also able to offer server types like SkyBlock, Factions, SkyWars, BedWars and many others. Contact us for more information on these particular games before booking as they are “JAVA only” and will not work on Minecraft Bedrock PC/Xbox/Nintendo.

How are we funded?

We rely on financial support from our community to run and pay for our extensive servers and hosting costs.

If you become a Patreon you unlock special in-game and Discord titles, Patreon only “Final Decision” Polls and exclusive content.

There are many sums you can donate monthly to help us run our servers each with their benefits and perks.

All of the Patreon contributions are re-invested and when we get achieve certain goals we give it back to our Patreon membership with competitions and merchandise that are completely free including delivery anywhere in the world.